About Tonia

About Tonia

My Story

Ciao! I’m Tonia, Founder, and Guide of Vegan Food Tour Ortigia. My journey to veganism began about 20 years ago when I learned about the animal testing done on nearly every beauty and cleaning product I used. Before I knew it, I was a vegetarian; somewhere in there, I began eating organic food; next, I was an animal rights advocate; finally, in 2010, my husband, Steve, and I took the next step and have been vegan ever since! In 2012, I became a vegan influencer and blogger in Napa Valley’s famous wine country. I spent nearly six years eating, drinking, and writing about California’s best vegan food and wine. In 2018 my adventures expanded to Berlin, Germany, a city with some of the most delicious plant-based food in the world. Next, I explored the mountain villages of central Sicily. And now I am in the gorgeous seaside city of Siracusa. I quickly realized that the city’s historic center, Ortigia, offered the perfect location to launch the area’s first exclusively vegan street food tour. Steve agreed and is the tour’s behind-the-scenes support system. Even twenty-three years later, he continues to be my biggest advocate and strongest supporter! Though you may not meet him in person, I couldn’t do this without him! I can’t wait to meet you and learn your story too. I hope you enjoy trekking around Ortigia with me as we eat, drink, and be vegan!!💚🌱

My Mission

I fell in love with Siracusa and its historic center, Ortigia, while visiting the seaside in 2021. I had no idea then that by 2023 I would call this city my home!! I aim to share the stunning architecture, the incredible vegan food, and the ancient AND vegan history of Ortigia and Sicily! I want you to have one of the best vacation experiences ever. My mission is to help you fall in love with Ortigia too.💚🌱

New Ortigia & Siracusa Vegan Dining Guide coming soon!

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